Our achievements

IL FENOMENO b.c. 2006
1st Pr. Carlo D'Alessio (GR3) 2nd Premio Duca d'Aosta (LR)
MI RACCOMANDO db.f. 2014
1st Pr. Regina Elena - it. 1000 guineas (GR3) - 1st Pr. Coolmore (LR) 2st Pr. Dormello (GR3) - 3° Pr. Perrone (LR)
ORPEN SHADOW b.c. 2007
1st Premio Primi Passi (GR3)
1st Premio Baggio (LR) 2nd Pr. Zanoletti di Rozzano (LR)
Ransom Shift db.c. 2006
1st Premio De Montel (LR) 3rd Premio Riva (LR)
PIPERITA ch.f. 2006
1st Premio Vittorio Crespi (LR) 3rd Pr. delle Royal Mares (LR)
MIA DILETTA b.f. 2005
1st Premio Coolmore (LR) - 1st Premio Mantovani (LR) 3rd Premio Dormello (GR3)
L'INDISCRETA b.f. 2005
1st Premio Chiesa (GR3) - 1st Premio Pandolfi (LR) 2nd Pr. Divino Amore (LR) - 2nd Pr. Eupili (LR) - 3rd Pr. Bessero (LR)
PERMESSO db.c. 2005
1st Pr. Botticelli (LR) 2nd Derby Italiano (GR1) - 2nd Pr. Roma (GR1) - 3rd Pr. Berardelli (GR3)
TITUS SHADOW ch.c. 2004
1st Pr. Tudini (GR3) - 1st Pr. Omenoni (GR3) - 1st Pr. Certosa (LR) - 1st Pr. Bersaglio (LR) - 1st Pr. Cancelli (LR) - 1st Pr. Eupili (LR)
1st Coppa d'Oro di Milano (LR) - 1st Premio Filiberto (LR) 2nd Derby Italiano (GR1) - 3rd Premio Federico Tesio (GR3)
WHILLY b.c. 2001
1st American Invitational Hcp (GR2) - 1st San Marco Handicap (GR2) 2nd Dubat Duty Free (GR1) - 4th Hollywood Derby (GR1)
HALLING JOY b.c. 2001
1st LXVII Gran Premio di Merano (GR1 - steeple) - 1st Corsa Siepi dei 4 anni (GR2 - hurdle ) 2nd Gran Corsa Siepi di Merano (GR1 - hurdle)
ROLLY POLLY b.f. 1998
1st Prix Robert Papin (GR2) - 1st Fred Darling St. (GR3) - 1st Las Cienagas Stakes (GR3) - 1st Premio Primi Passi (GR3)
1st Premio Parioli (GR2) - 1st Premio Ribot (GR2) - 1st Premio Signorino (LR) twice
ENDLESS HALL b.c. 1996
1st Gran Premio Di MIlano (GR1 - 1st Singapore Cup (GR1) - 1st Scottish Classic (GR3)
Choisir Shadow b.f. 2009
1st Premio Bersaglio (LR) - 1st Criterium Nazionale (LR) - 1st Premio Eupili (LR) 3rd Pr. Divino Amore (LR)
Rosa Eglanteria b.f. 2009
1st Pr. Colmoore (LR) 2nd Gran Criterium (GR1) - 2nd Pr. Mantovani (LR) - 2nd Pr. Crespi (LR) - 3rd Oaks d'Italia (GR2)
Killachy Loose b.f. 2009
1st Premio Cumani (GR3) - 1st Pr. Nogara (LR) 2nd Royal Mares (LR) - 2nd Pr. Nogara (LR) - 3rd Pr. del PIazzale (GR3) - 3rd Pr. Perrone (LR) - 3rd Pr. Pandolfi (LR) - 3rd Criterium Nazionale (LR)
Dan Loose Daughter b.f. 2009
1st Premio Baggio (LR) 2nd Premio Seregno (LR)
Salure ch.c. 2009
. 3rd Prix Jean Luc Lagardere (GR1) - 2nd Pr. Primi Passi (GR3) - 2nd Premio Riva (LR)
Dancer Destination b.f. 2010
1st Premio Regina Elena (GR3) 2nd Oaks d'Italia (GR2)
Nayef Dancer b.c. 2011
1st Pr. Mauro Sbarigia (LR)
Killachy Queen b.f. 2012
1st Snowdrop Stakes (LR) - 1st Criterium Femminile (LR) - 1st Pr. Nogara (LR)

Writing the history breeding thoroughbreds

The history of our breeding began in 1985 in a valley bordered by green woods in the province of Varese. Thus was born Razza Del Sole.
The first satisfactions on the track identified in the names of L'Ereditiera (1989) and Ginevra Di Camelot (1991), the first two winners of listed race on the track.
Since then, with a production of about ten foals a year, more than fifty of them had won listed or pattern races, increasingly at the highest levels season after season.
On our stable meadows, which extend for 35 hectares, every year good horses grow and are highly required since the annual sale. The last few years have seen the finest pieces permanently fill the "best seller" filing cabinet and gain the top prices.

News and events

01/09/19 - Milan (San Siro)
MUSA D'ORIENTE - 1st Premio Bessero (LR)

26/05/19 - Milan (San Siro)
MUSA D'ORIENTE - 3rd Royal Mares (LR)

26/05/19 - Milan (San Siro)
EXCEED LOOSE - 3rd Premio Nogara (LR)

22/04/19 - Milan (San Siro)
PENSIERIEPAROLE - 3rd Premio Certosa (LR)

24/03/19 - Milan (San Siro)
POETA DILETTO - 2nd Premio Natale di Roma (LR)

10/11/18 - Milan (San Siro)
POETA DILETTO - 2nd Premio Chiusura (LR)

22/09/18 - Milan (San Siro - Ipp. La Maura)
Sales results:

ch.c. Bated Breath - Rosa Del Dubai
Sold for 72.000 € to Grizzetti Galoppo

ch.f. Bated Breath - Fularmada
Sold for 34.000 € to Grizzetti Galoppo

b.c. Mayson - Dan Loose Daughter
Sold for 40.000 € to Mr. Marco Botti

b.f. Lethal Force - Fairy Efisio
Sold for 20.000 € to Mr. Luciano Prando

b.f. Casamento - L'Imprevista
Sold for 15.000 € to Mr. Luciano Prando

02/09/18 - Milan (San Siro)
MUSA D'ORIENTE - 1st Premio Bessero (LR)

10/06/18 - Milan (San Siro)
POETA DILETTO - 1st Premio Vittadini (GR3)
MUSA D'ORIENTE - 1st Royal Mares (LR)